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New Gears 5 multiplayer map, training grounds, posted on video

The Coalition unveiled one of Gears 5's new multiplayer maps. The video presents the new map, Training Grounds, located near the House of Rulers.

As you can see in the video, Training Grounds is a big, colorful map with plenty of places to hide and sneak up to blow up your enemies.

This is the second new Gears 5 card presented by the Coalition this week, the first being the district. It has a different look compared to the training grounds; check below.

Gears 5 will be launched in September, but the Coalition invites players to try the game in advance through a technical test for the multiplayer mode that starts on July 19th. To learn more about the test period, check out this list of everything you need to know.

In the other news of Gears 5, the game has no season pass, so post-release DLC cards are free. There are also no boxes of random loot.

Gears 5 follows Kat Diaz (played by Laura Bailey in Nadine Ross, Uncharted 4: The Thief: An End), as she seeks to discover the truth behind her legacy and her link with the Desert Locust. The Xbox One and PC games will be launched on September 10th, but early access will begin on September 6th.


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