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Steve Kerr launches the best blunts in the NBA

Steve Kerr has won eight NBA championships as a player and coach. Nevertheless, the former Warrior goalkeeper, Nick Young, may have delivered to Kerr his most prestigious title to date.

While a guest of the game 95.7 ThursdayYoung said Kerr knew how to prepare marijuana.

"Probably Steve Kerr," Young said to the question of who was the best player in the NBA.

Kerr recognized in December 2016 that he had used cooking pots in the past to relieve his chronic back pain after two surgeries the previous year, but that did not agree with him.

Young played last season with the Nuggets before being eliminated after just four games. He is currently a free agent. During his interview on 95.7 The Game, he did not hesitate to reveal which players were the best.

"I do not know," Young said. "That's it. I can not be screaming. "



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